Annual shareholders meeting of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company elected a new Board of Directos

28.06.2011 - On June 27, 2011 at the Annual Shareholders meeting the new Board of Directors of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company was elected.

The newly elected members of the Board of Directors are:

Giuseppe Giordo - CEO of Alenia Aeronautica S.P.A.;

Vitaly Keondzhyan – General Director, Alliance Group LTD;

Leonid Komm – VP Program management and development, United Aircraft Corporation;

Ugo Vinti - Vice General Manager of Alenia Aeronautica S.P.A.;

Vladimir Lopukhin – President “Vanguard LTD”;

Igor Ozar – Deputy Director General, Corporate finance “Sukhoi” Company, CEO “Sukhoi Design Bureau”;

Mikhail Pogosyan – President of United Aircraft Corporation, Director General “Sukhoi” Company, Director General “MiG”;

Vladimir Chirikov – VP Corporate finance, United Aircraft Corporation.

The Audit Commission consisting of three members has been also elected.

The Annual Meeting has approved the Annual Report, Accounting and Profit & Loss Statements of SCAC for 2010. The Meeting elected KPMG (Closed Joint Stock Company) as the SCAC’s Auditor for 2011.