JSC “SCA” announces payment on 8th coupon for bond GSS 01 is accomplished

24.03.2011 – JSC “SCA” announces that today the company accomplished payment on 8th coupon for documentary interest-bearing inconvertible bond series 01 (MICEX, GSS 01, RU000A0JP518).

Interest rate on 8th coupon was determined according to the Decision on Issuance and the Prospectus approved by JSC “SCA” board of directors (Minutes № 21 dated 25.12.2006)  9.25% interest rate on 8th coupon is determined by the President of “SCA” (Memo dated September, 10 2010 № 451). Total amount of due coupon profit on 8th coupon is 230 600 000 rubles. Coupon profit payable on 8th coupon for 1 bond is 46 rubles 12 kopeks.

Data on issue:
Issue volume is 5 billion rubles, notional value for each bond is 1000 rubles. Bond issue presupposes 20 coupon periods each 182 days long. Interest rate for coupons 8-9 is determined by the Memo of the JSC “SCA” President and is 9.25% annual (Memo dated September, 10 2010 № 451). Interest rate for coupons 10-20 is determined by the emitter. Coupon profit is paid for outstanding amount of par value. The decision of bond issue allows the emitter to obtain the bonds and its circulation up to the expiration of maturity date. The date of bond obtaining is determined as the 3d working day since the beginning of 10th coupon period – 27.09.2011. The price of bond is 100% of its notional value. NSD is the depositary responsible of centralized storage of the issue; Open Joint-Stock Company «NOMOS-BANK» is the paying agent. JSC "VTB Bank" is the offer agent. Security for loan provided by JSC "Sukhoi Company". Additional information concerning this issue is available here